The Scoop!

Subira is not only a boutique, it's a brand.  We are here to cater to women that wants to expand their sophistication as well as their sense of style.  Our mission is where "Classy meets Fabulous", and everyday we want our customers to feel classy and fabulous shopping with Subira B.

Subira is for the Classy and Fabulous Diva, that wants to feel confident with each statement piece that she wears.  We offer a variety of designs that you can add to your wardrobe for any occasion.  Whether you are working that 9-5 or just hitting the scene with your girlfriends, Subira is here to provide that unique piece that has CLASSY and FABULOUS all over it!!  

Feel free to contact Subira Boutique with any questions or concerns at because we are here to put our customers first!


                     Subira B.